‘Innovating Education’ and ‘Education for Innovation’

Focus of thematic cluster

‘Innovating Education’ and ‘Education for Innovation’ need to make substantial contributions to the fulfillment of the overall SDG implementation. Scientific knowledge, research strategy of educational institutions and innovative thinking should, therefore, be organized in the context of global sustainability.

Education must benefit from an innovative ‘industry’, developing resources that improve its effectiveness and efficiency.  Innovation should offer the education sector the means to new practices, organizations and technology, improving standards, quality and access.  

The thematic Cluster Education focuses on five main topics:

  • The strategy for science and technology in industrialised and rural and remote areas
  • Digital learning; new technologies in the educational process and ways to create personalized education through innovation such as distance learning or home education
  • Technological and innovative challenges for teacher training
  • Technology and migration; educations rights for refugees, displaced persons and children and persons in a vulnerable context
  • Technology and education rights; legal challenges and recommendations for public authorities.  

National, regional and thematic reviews will shed light on the specific implementation of sustainable development in education and research. The policy reviews and the procedures, regulations, and legislation will provide useful information on the global progress on the diverse themes. 

Inclusive platforms and debates will support peer learning, will enable to share lessons, best practices and accountability for common challenges and opportunities within the educational institutions.  



Keynote speakers include

Speakers include

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