Zhengzhong XU

Zhengzhong XU

Deputy Dean and Professor

The Institute for International Strategic Studies Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing, China


XU Zhengzhong is a Professor, Deputy Dean of the Institute for International Strategic Studies and Director of the International Organizations Institute of Chinese Academy of Governance. Professor Xu is a leading expert of major national science and technology project management, an expert receiving Special Allowances from the State Council, the Senior Adviser of Hong Kong Science Park. He is also selected as one of national candidates for new century talents project. He has provided several S&T strategic and policy proposals to the Chinese government which were implemented. As a S&T policy practitioner, Professor Xu has been involved in several national projects partner with, the United Nations, the World Bank, National Natural Science Foundation, National Soft Science. His expertise includes technology & innovation strategy and management, innovation theories and practices in the field of social governance, frontier technology, public finance, result-based budgeting management, economics and macroeconomic policy, regional economies and sustainable development strategy.

Professor Xu has published hundreds of articles in peer-reviewed journals worldwide, and more than thirty books. He is the author of Social Transformation on Complex Multiple Elements: the Base Point for China’s Modernization Strategic Choice. His theory and proposals on the Multiple Open Platform (MOP) and regional innovation industrial cluster has been applied in formulating and implementing public policy in achieving sustainable development in China and beyond.

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