Veerle Lamote

Veerle Lamote

Policymaker Research Department

Hogeschool Gent


Dr. ir. Veerle Lamote is senior staff member at the research affairs office of the University College Ghent (HOGENT). Together with her colleagues she tries to incorporate more sustainability in the research policy and projects at HOGENT. Since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals as the research agenda of HOGENT in 2017 she encourages staff and students to reflect on and contribute to solutions for the world’s ‘wicked problems’ with the SDG’s as a framework. Prior to joining the University College Ghent, Veerle worked in Phalaenopsis breeding, where she supported the creation of new varieties. She holds a master and PhD in bioscience engineering from the Ghent University. For her PhD thesis she investigated genetic diversity of shore plants at the Institution for agricultural and fisheries research (ILVO – Melle – Belgium).

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