Konstantina Toli

Konstantina Toli

Senior Programme Officer, Theme Leader NCWR, IUWM, WEM

Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med)


Konstantina Toli holds a BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Environmental Chemistry & Technology. With diverse experience in various managerial positions, she joined in 2009 as Senior Programme Officer, the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med) Secretariat (www.gwpmed.org), one of the 13 regional organisations of the Intergovernmental Organisation (IGO) Global Water Partnership .

Konstantina has long hands-on experience on solutions – mainstream and innovative - addressing water scarcity and climate change impacts at local level, also through a Nexus approach, enabling sustainable development. She has developed and leads a technical portfolio of 110+ demonstration projects, building multi-stakeholder partnerships and engaging stakeholders in more than 35+ Mediterranean islands and cities. Her focus on solutions includes reviving traditional water management practices; promoting innovative non conventional water resource technologies, optimising existing infrastructure and increasing water efficiency; and advancing integrated approaches to urban water management. Konstantina works closely with the private sector and advises local and national governments on water management issues.

With keen interest on sustainable development, she now leads the development of a new nexus on Water-Employment-Migration, aiming to utilise opportunities of investment and entrepreneurship on water related sectors to advance employability, allow income generation, prevent migration in countries of origin and help integrate migrants in transit and destination countries.

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