Sunil Behari Mohanty

Sunil Behari Mohanty


All India Association for Educational Research


Sunil Behari Mohanty born on 25th March 1946 is currently the President of All India Association for Educational Research He started his career as a school teacher at the age of 16 and at intervals pursued his studies and teaching. After school teaching for five years, he became a lecturer in Education in 1971 and an Associate Professor in Education in 1986 under the Government of Odisha State in India. His qualifications: B.Sc., M. Ed., Ph.D. (Education) from Indian Universities and Diploma in Community Education from University of Edinburgh, UK under British Council scholarship. After his retirement from Govt. of Odisha job, after 33 years of service in 2004, he is now settled at Pondicherry and is attached to Sri Aurobindo Ashram as a volunteer and as a member of Ashram research advisory committee. He founded All India Association for Educational Research and got elected repeatedly to function as founder General Secretary of the Association till he was elected as President on 1st January 2017.He is the founder Editor of the Journal of All India Association for Educational Research, a half yearly peer reviewed journal approved by the University Grants Commission of India. He is one of the founder members of the International Forum of Researchers in Education that has 110 founder members in 87 countries and two national regions. He has served as Dean, Faculty of Education of Sambalpur University of Odisha State government and has worked as principals of colleges of education and head of the departments of education in colleges offering undergraduate and post graduate courses in education subject. He has delivered a Guest lecture at 2008 Conference of Korean Educational Research Association, served as member in the Organising committee of the conferences of Taiwan as well as Singapore Educational Research Associations, taken part in research symposia organised by the World Education Research Association and chaired paper presentation sessions at two WERA meetings. He has taken part in conferences of American, European, Korean, Taiwan, Singapore Educational Research Associations. He served as a member of WERA council during the years when AIAER was a member of WERA and now is a member of the Council of Asia Pacific Educational Research Association. He has written 18 books related to Education subject and has written more than 150 articles published in journals. His current academic activity includes Associate Editor of Encyclopaedia of Educational Research of the Oxford University Press, New York.

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