Sijbolt J. Noorda

Sijbolt J. Noorda


Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna



Sijbolt Noorda is the president of Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna. He is a former president of the Dutch Association of Research Universities, president emeritus of Amsterdam University and a former Board member of the European University Association.

In addition to this, he is a Board Member and Vice-President of International Baccalaureate and a Member of the International Advisory Board of Tübingen University, of Amsterdam University College, and of ITMO University, St Petersburg . Sijbolt Noorda also serves as editor-in-chief at Th&ma, a journal for Higher Education and Management in Flanders and The Netherlands.


Dr. Noorda received his formal education in The Netherlands (Groningen, Amsterdam, Utrecht) and the USA (New York City). He writes and lectures on teaching and learning in Higher Education, about ideals and practices of internationalization, on open science, core values and governance issues in HEIs. He regularly reviews and gives advice to individual universities and national systems in the European Higher Education Area.


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