Sigrid Scherrenberg

Sigrid Scherrenberg

Team Manager Process & Technology - R&D

Evides Industriewater


Sigrid Scherrenberg is the team manager of the Research and Development team within Evides Industriewater. Research focuses on wastewater treatment, process water and deminwater production. The main research topics are water and resources recovery, increasing the sustainability of the treatment processes and process optimization.

Sigrid holds a Master Degree Civil Engineering, Sanitary Engineering at Delft University of technology, where she also graduated for her PhD in 2011. Her research focused on the advanced treatment of WWTP effluent in order to remove phosphorus to very low limits (<0.15 mg Ptotal/L). She did a post-doc in cooperation with Evides Industriewater on the reuse of WWTP effluent for irrigation water.

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