Raymond Van Ermen

Raymond Van Ermen

Advisor to the President

European Partners for the Environment


Raymond Van Ermen is Advisor to the President of European Partners for the Environment (EPE) and as such has facilitated conferences on Value Based Investors and the Sustainable Development Goals in Rome in 2016 and 2017 and in Buenos Aires in 2018. He is presently facilitating the Europe Ambition 2030 group on the implementation by Europeans of the UN Agenda 2030 ‘Transforming Our World’.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Van Ermen has been Secretary General of Inter-environment Wallonie and President of the Walloon Environment Advisory Council (Namur), Board Member and later Secretary General of the European Environmental Bureau (Brussels), Board Member and Treasurer of the Environment Liaison Committee to UNEP (Nairobi), Board Member of the Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (Singapore), Member of the International Jury of the World Environment Council Gold Medal for Sustainability (Washington DC), Board Member and Chairman of the experts group of Comité 21 (Paris), Member of the BNP-Paribas SRI Advisory Committee, (Frankfort and Paris) Board Member and later Executive Director of European Partners for the Environment (Brussels), team member of the MEDCOP and the launching of the Mediterranean Climate House (Tangier), Board Member and Treasurer of the European Water Partnership (Brussels).

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