Paulo Gadelha

Paulo Gadelha

Coordinator Fiocruz Strategy for 2030 Agenda

Fiocruz - 10-Member Group


Dr. Paulo Gadelha, MD, PhD, Member of the 10-Member Group to support the Technology Facilitation Mechanism with the UN Inter-agency Task Team on STI for the SDGs; Coordinator of the FIOCRUZ Strategy for the 2030 Agenda, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), Brazil.

As coordinator of the FIOCRUZ Strategy for the 2030 Agenda, Dr. Gadelha is in charge of promoting FIOCRUZ’s strategic engagement with the Agenda’s aspirational principles and goals. His background in technology includes studies of the application of technology in public health, healthcare models, and STI’s history. Dr. Gadelha was FIOCRUZ’s president from 2009 to 2016, leading scientific achievements in biomedical sciences, the generation of scientific and technological knowledge, and health and social development promotion. Previously, he founded and directed “Casa de Oswaldo Cruz”, a FIOCRUZ Institute dedicated to the sociology and history of science and health. Dr. Gadelha served as a member of the National Health Council’s Science and Technology Intersectoral Commission. As President of the Brazilian Association of Collective Health, he chaired the 11th World Congress on Public Health. In 2017, with UN/DESA, he chaired FIOCRUZ’s efforts in organizing the 1st Consultation on Health and STI in the 2030 Agenda’s implementation.


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