Patrick Florent

Patrick Florent

Advisor / Sr Vice President

CEPI / Global Strategic Partnerships (GSK) Vaccines


Prior to taking on his current role as Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, Patrick was head of Global Industrial Operations (GIO) for 14 years where his achievements included leading the manufacturing and supply organization through an unprecedented period of growth and expansion worldwide through acquisition, brown and green fields investments, being instrumental in the development of our pandemic supply strategy and its implementation, and playing a key role in the design of a new GIO organization to create a more agile and responsive supply organization.

Patrick’s early career was devoted to the Engerix B vaccine against Hepatitis B, both as a Research Engineer and as Production Manager. He was part of a team of engineers to design the first large scale manufacturing facility.

In 1989 he moved into the field of Quality Assurance before returning to bulk production as Bulk Vaccine Manufacturing Associate Director in 1993. Since 1999 he is Vice President & Director of Vaccines Operations and joined the Vaccine Executive Team. This is where he still sits today. From 2009 till 2012, Patrick took the Presidency of Vaccines Europe and lead it during the H1N1 Pandemic period. In 2014-2017, Patrick conducted successfully the preparation and the execution of the integration of Novartis vaccines. As Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, Patrick is responsible for the good functioning of several strategic alliances in Japan, China, Singapore and Brazil. He is board member of three joint ventures, the Japan Vaccines Company, Qualivax and TianYuan.

Since March 2018, Patrick dedicates part of his time to support CEPI as an Advisor. Patrick holds a Master Degree in Biotechnology from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve and has completed an INSEAD Executive MBA.

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