Loïc De Cannière

Loïc De Cannière

Managing Director

incofin Investment Management


Loïc De Cannière joined Incofin Investment Management as CEO in 2001.

He successfully grew the fund management company into one of the larger microfinance and impact investment fund management companies, with a strong focus on balancing financial and social returns. Today, Incofin IM manages combined total assets of 1 bn USD. Incofin IM’s flagship funds are Rural Impulse Fund II and agRIF which are focusing on investments in agri-focussed financial institutions and in the agricultural value chain. Incofin IM also manages the “Fairtrade Access Fund”, an impact investment fund providing finance to Fairtrade labelled producers organizations worldwide and “Incofin cvso”, a Belgian retail fund. Finally, Incofin advises a large German retail impact fund “Invest in Visions”.

Incofin IM’s investor base comprises large private institutional investors, development finance institutions. Incofin IM has a team more than 50 dedicated professionals and has offices in Belgium (Antwerp), Colombia (Bogota), India (Chennai), Kenya (Nairobi) and Cambodia (Phnom Penh).

Before he joined Incofin, Loïc De Cannière was responsible for structured finance at the DEME Group, where he structured large port and environmental projects in Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Qatar, India, Bangladesh and Taiwan. Loïc De Cannière studied economics and philosophy at the Universities of Louvain (Belgium) and Munich (Germany).

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