Konstantinos Georgoulias

Konstantinos Georgoulias

FUTURING Project Coordinator

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems - University of Patras


Dr. Konstantinos Georgoulias owns a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. He has been actively involved in research activities from 2002 and he is currently working as Project Manager at the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS).

Dr. Georgoulias has been involved in more than fifteen (15) European R&D projects, contributing to technological advancement and development of innovative solutions for the manufacturing sector. His research interests are focused on the fields of production systems planning, flexibility, change management, circular economy, mass customization, operational planning, supply chain management and networked manufacturing.

Dr. Georgoulias is acting as reviewer for International Scientific Journals, as well as for several International Scientific and Engineering Conferences. He has more than twenty (25) publications, including invited keynote articles.

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