Juan José Molina Echeverry

Juan José Molina Echeverry

Veterinary Med. / Ranger

Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology (SOCLA) / El Hatico Nature Reserve


Juan José Molina Echeverry is a Veterinary med, from the Undergraduate program in Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Animal Science, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia. He is a member of ninth generation of Molina’s family, working with the family project “Reserva Natural El Hatico” and associate researcher of CIPAV (Center for Research on Sustainable Agricultural Systems). Juan José has been working with dairy production managed on intensive silvopastoral systems and sugarcane production. Both dairy and sugar cane crops managed under agro ecological principles and with organic certificate. He received personalized training in comprehensive assessment of sustainable livestock production systems using the agri benchmark- CIPAV methodology. He has participated in the valuation of Silvopastoral Systems of livestock production “Mainstreaming Sustainable Cattle Ranching Project” in Colombia. Juan José has also worked as an adviser with farmers who want to implement this type of systems. 


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