José Ramón López-Portillo Romano

José Ramón López-Portillo Romano

Chairman and Co-Founder

Q Element Ltd. / 10-Member Group


An economist by background, Dr. Lopez-Portillo is a specialist in the subject of exponential technological change and its socio-economic impact. He has served as an advisor to the Mexican Government regarding the UN Resolution on “Impact of exponential technological change on sustainable development and peace”, and his recent work on this topic is reflected in his book entitled: “The Great Transition” (2018). His multifaceted professional experience allows him to tackle the issues of the impact of technological change from different angles.

José Ramón has served as minister in the Mexican Federal Government and is a Former Independent Chairman of the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

​He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Oxford, where he has worked on several academic projects, most notably co-founding and coordinating the Centre for Mexican Studies.

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