Jan Goossens

Jan Goossens


Aquafin N.V.


Jan Goossens is passionate about water and therefore joining Aquafin by the end of 2016 felt like a natural fit. The company employs over 1000 dedicated employees and operates more than 300 waste water treatment units throughout Flanders. Aquafin also manages and finances the continued expansion of the sewer infrastructure and water treatment capacity on behalf of the Flemish Region. Backed by in-house research, the company is also diversifying towards large scale energy, heat and nutrient recovery from waste water. Developing integrated storm water plans for municipalities countering the increasing effects of climate change, such as drought and flooding, is one of Aquafin’s other key activities. With a PhD in analytical chemistry as an educational background, Jan started his professional career at the chemical company BASF holding several management positions in HR, sales and operations. He was involved with both plastic (nylon) and fertilizer business. Before becoming Aquafin’s CEO, Jan held the position of Managing Director at Marpobel, an industrial water treatment facility in the Port of Antwerp. Next, he was appointed as Managing Director at Industrial Services, a Dutch maintenance provider to the Chemical, Energy and Offshore Industry. During 15 years, Jan also has been a guest professor at the Ghent University and he still serves there as a guest lecturer on water management.

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