Ingrid Vanden Berghe

Ingrid Vanden Berghe


National Geographic Institute


Jonkvrouw (lady) Ingrid H.J. Vanden Berghe graduated as an agricultural engineer at KULeuven, specialized in soil science. She started as a researcher before joining the public service. She was advisor to the minister of Environment, Public Works, Town and Land Use Planning. and worked in the core of Belgian politics as director of the research center of the Christian Democrat parties and first advisor to the president of the party. In 2002 she returned to the world of geographical information as General administrator of the National Geographic Institute, a civil organization under the MOD. She is currently President of EuroGeographics and member of the board of several research organizations and is a part time lecturer at KULeuven. In her free time she runs her husband’s organic cattle farm since his death. She has 3 children aged between 27 and 19.

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