Cris Panerio

Cris Panerio

National Coordinator



Cris Panerio’s career life has always been focused on commitment to be part of bringing social development in rural communities.

He is involved with Masipag or the Farmer-Scientist Partnership for Development Inc., for some 23 years now. In 1995 he started his work in the Masipag’s Research, Education and Training Unit as Coordinator.   Later, he was assigned as the Regional Coordinator for Luzon, the main island of the Philippines. In 2016, he was appointed as the National Coordinator of the Masipag network. Through the years of actively involving himself with Masipag, he saw how the network had evolved in terms of the increasing number of farmers’ organizations (FO) membership. Specifically, in Luzon, the number of communities with active FOs has spread all over the region.  Through time, Cris Panerio had witnessed the improvement in the quality of farmers’ lives from increased farm income as they gain control of seeds and production technologies and finally, through local processing and marketing which areas that Masipag advocates.

Before his Masipag years, Cris Panerio had worked as Project Manager of a Model Agrarian Community in Zambales in Central Luzon (1992-1995) after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. They helped establish an agrarian community by relocating these displaced people.  Relocation had involved the provision of food and relief goods, housing and construction materials for their new homes and even education from up to Grade II.  Later, they provided the agrarian reform beneficiaries  with skills, knowledge and appreciation of organic agriculture.

Prior to this Zambales stint, Cris Panerio was employed in an NGO covering the Mindoro Island as head of the Socio-Economic Projects Unit (1986-1992). Here, he has worked with farmer groups and started programs on sustainable agriculture.

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