Aisma Vitina

Aisma Vitina

Special Advisor, Global Cooperation

Danish Energy Agency


As a Special Advisor within the Global Cooperation division of the Danish Energy Agency, Aisma Vitina has been leading long-term energy scenario modelling projects in Vietnam, Ukraine and Indonesia. Working as energy consultant at Ea Energy Analyses prior to joining the DEA, Aisma has been leading and engaged in long-term modelling, RE integration and wind costs analysis projects in Scandinavia, the UK, Mexico, EAPP (12 countries in the Eastern Africa), South Africa, China and Vietnam, among others. Aisma Vitina has acted as the Danish representative to the IEA Wind Task 26 – Cost of Wind Energy throughout 2013-2017. Aisma holds a MSc degree in Economics and Business Administration, specialization on Management of Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment from the Norwegian School of Economics (2010).


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