Technologies, Financing and Partnerships to upscale resource recovery from wastewater to deliver on the SDGs

Key findings

The (waste)water discussions at G-STIC 2018 zoomed in on (waste)water as a resource in support of the sub-target of SDG 6.3: " .... halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantively increasing recycling and safe reuse globally". This sub-target translates in connecting approximately 500,000 citizens per day to some form of wastewater treatment - and do this every day between now and 2030!

G-STIC 2018 identified the priority actions to make such resource recovery a common practice at the global level and hence contribute to achieving the water treatment and reuse target of the Agenda 2030.

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    An overview of G-STIC 2018 contributions

    High-level dialogue on policy actions

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Keynote: Sustainable Development Goals - Water and sanitation progress and challenges Catarina de Albequerque download presentation
    Water Theme G-STIC 2017: Main outcomes and recommendations Inge Genné download presentation
    Interactive panel discussion
    Session introductions by session chairs of keynote speakers

    Wastewater and Resources Recovery
    The frontier of technology and practice

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Wastewater and resource recovery: the leading edge of technologies and practices Willy Verstraete download presentation
    Industrial symbiosis focusing on wastewater and resources recovery Sigrid Scherrenberg download presentation
    Interactive panel discussion Inge Genné

    Investing in wastewater
    Resource recovery and produce clean water, bio-energy and fertilisers

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Financing of industrial wastewater treatment and resources recovery Lydia Whyatt download presentation
    Audience discussion with panel Ger Bergkamp
    Closing remarks

    Water Partnerships and Stewardship Multi-actor approaches catalysing water management transitions

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    How water stewardship helps to innovate water management Tom Vereijken download presentation
    Water beyond Europe, How can Europe act? Gaetano Casale download presentation
    Audience discussion with panel
    Closing remarks

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