The SDGs as a business opportunity


G-STIC aims to catalyse a new sustainable development paradigm: working across sectors and industries, and thinking outside the (policy) box. A bold approach using innovative technological solutions is vital to overhaul production and consumption processes and to open doors to new development and growth opportunities. Innovative technological solutions can be good for the economy, the planet and the people, potentially raising overall human well-being.

In particular, a transition to a new industry framework based on a circular economy approach and enabled by smart manufacturing and ICT technologies is vital to realise maximum resource productivity. During the Industry Night presentations, this has been further explored in detail.

    An overview of G-STIC 2018 Industry Night contributions

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Keynote presentation: Turning CO2 in valuable resources Dirk Fransaer download presentation
    Sustainability & Carbon offsetting of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Shashi Prakash download presentation
    Building a new industry to transform CO2 into useful products Damien Dallemagne download presentation

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