Narrowing the divide between health and STI governance

Key findings

The G-STIC 2018 Health sessions looked at the problems that health faces today, gathering the technology trends to face them, and the governance systems that can lead toward the SDGs. In particular, it was discussed how technology can improve universal health coverage systems and preparedness for emerging diseases. G-STIC 2018 recommendations include the use of big data and AI for health surveillance systems, the use of OMICS for health predictions, the development of accessible vaccines and the development of off-grid energy technologies to support the vaccine logistics cold chain.

G-STIC 2018 brought attention to technologies that are impactful, scalable and affordable, which can confer resilience to universal health coverage and contribute to the main goal of the 2030 Agenda: to promote sustainable development, leaving no one behind. A broader list of recommendations was developed, including the need to reinforce the aspirational goals of 2030 Agenda and apply the principles and recommendations of the UN’s Technological Facilitation Mechanism (TFM) to health.

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    An overview of G-STIC 2018 contributions

    Introduction of the new thematic cluster HEALTH

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    The role of STI in fostering healthy lives and well-being for all Paulo Gadelha download presentation
    Global Action Plan, and STI for health and SDGs from the perspectives of the WHO Mariângela Simão download presentation

    Technological trends for health governance systems and disease surveillance

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Opening keynote: Technology for health in sustainable development Chris Dye download presentation
    Information Technology contributions for health-related SDGs Luis Neves download presentation

    Innovation to solve concrete health problems

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Opening keynote: Searching for equity : precision medicin for all Marco Aurelio Krieger download presentation
    Using Mosquitos to fight dengue, zika and chikungunya Luciano Moreira download presentation
    Cutting-edge data programming for community health Samson Gejibo download presentation
    Google's perspective on artificial intelligendce (AI) for healthcare Pan-Pan Jiang download presentation
    Investing in innovation to fight tuberculosis and malaria Ankit Malhan download presentation

    The cross-cutting nature of the health theme / synergies with other sectors

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Opening keynote: Health & Environment: Connecting new knowledge to new policy ambitions Hans Bruyninckx
    One Medicine One Science based approach to advancng "One Health" at the interface of humans, animals and ecosystem Srirama Rao
    The impacts of air pollution on health Randeep Guleria download presentation
    Innovation for emerging diseases response Patrick Florent download presentation
    Social technologies for health equity Michael A. Rodriguez download presentation

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