Unlocking Earth Observation data to create economic & societal benefits

Key findings

Geospatial data can help in managing the finite resources and the limited space that is available on Earth. However, as the amount of available geospatial data is growing at an astonishing rate, this holds both opportunities and challenges.

Technical advances are clearly being made, even if not at the same level everywhere. As technical advances will continue to be made, the use of Earth Observation data to better manage the Earth’s resources can increasingly become a significant help in various applications that matter concretely to people’s daily lives.

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    An overview of G-STIC 2018 contributions

    Introduction of the new thematic cluster GEOSPATIAL DATA

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Keynote : United Nations initiative on global geospatial geospatial management. Tomaž Petek download presentation
    ESA introduction Iarla Kilbane-Dawe download presentation
    Highlights of the G-STIC Geospatial Data sessions Ingrid Vanden Berghe
    Interactive panel discussion

    Earth Observation data availability and SDG monitoring

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Keynote presentation: Big Earth Data for SDGs Guo Huadong download presentation
    Copernicus in support of the SDGs Elisabeth Hamdouch download presentation
    Towards Ecological stewardship based on ecosystem natural capital accounts Jean-Louis Weber download presentation
    Q&A and concluding remarks

    Open data and business models

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Keynote presentation: Vision for a Community GIS for Sustainable Development Clint Brown download presentation
    watchITgrow Romain Cools download presentation
    Farm Radio Trust - Malawi George Vilili download presentation
    Leveraging Earth Observation Data to Address Key Environmental and Socio-Economic Development Challenges in Eastern Africa Erick Khamala download presentation
    Q&A and concluding remarks

    Citizen initiatives

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Using open EO data to respond to drought in West Africa Alexander Orenstein download presentation
    LANDSENSE - Connecting citizens with satellite imagery to transform environmental decision making Ine Buntinx download presentation
    Platform for Biodiversity and Wildlife heath - a Brazilien citizen science experience for monitoring zoonoses Marcia Chame download presentation
    Q&A and concluding remarks

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