Digital technologies as a driver for Circular Economy

Key findings

G-STIC 2018 saw representatives from the University of Oxford, World Resources Forum (WRF), Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific, the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), the European Commission, and G-STIC expressing their willingness to step up the collaboration in the field of technological innovation needed for the transition to a circular economy

G-STIC 2018 looked in detail at

  • "closing the material loop" from a post-consumption perspective,
  • tracking products across their lifecycle, involving tagging and identification systems, and digital twinning,
  • the role of urban flows in generating a circular economy at the city level.

G-STIC 2018 concluded that the contacts between digital and circular economy experts need to be strengthened to develop common approaches, and to showcase the opportunities of blockchain technology, Internet of Things, AI, Big Data, product identification, collaborative platforms,…

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    An overview of G-STIC 2018 contributions

    High-level dialogue on policy actions

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Highlights of G-STIC 2017 Karl Vrancken download presentation
    Keynote: Opportunities and challenges of a circular economy for developing countries and economies in transition Xiaolan Fu download presentation
    Panel discussion download presentation

    Partner Event Futuring H 2020

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Opening Doris Schröcker
    FUTURING Project - Highlights and way forward Konstantinos Georgoulias
    Acting responsibly in an accelerating world – some aspects from an Industry 4.0 company’s point of view Björn Sautter
    Lessons learnt on circular economy implementations by innovators from research, business and civil society Arnaud Witomski
    Options for policy-action to unleash the opportunities for the European industry in the Circular Economy Izaskun Jimenez Iturriza

    Advanced sorting and Characterisation

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    Headlines and Key messages of the circular economy session Karl Vrancken download presentation
    Rethinking Materials Rudolf Auer
    Digitalization & data in the context of the circular economy Felix Flemming download presentation
    Image recognition, robotisation and AI in recycling Victor Dewulf download presentation
    Smart technologies to characterise complex materials Kris Broos download presentation

    Virtual Product Chains

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    An open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy Pietro Passoti download presentation
    Digital twins in construction projects Saskia Pybus download presentation
    Application of Digital twins in concrete industrial case Michiel Brink download presentation
    Examples of digitalization for circular economy in development cooperation Daniel Hinchliffe download presentation
    Recy-Call Introducing the RecyCall project Domien Declercq download presentation

    Mapping Urban Metabolism

    Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
    The Weight of Cities: Resource requirements of future urbanization Maarten Hajer download presentation
    Material Passports for Buildings Lars Luscuere download presentation
    Waste Wise Cities Debashish Bhattacharjee download presentation
    The African Urban Metabolism Network Phebe Dudek
    The circular economy opportunity for urban and industrial innovation in China Lukasz Holec download presentation
    Q&A and debate
    Conclusions & final remarks Karl Vrancken

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