Transforming Agriculture through Agroecology

Key findings

G-STIC 2018 reconfirmed that agroecology comprises an integrated suite of technologies, innovations, practices and knowledge systems that are embedded in a larger framework of respecting farmers’ knowledge and ensuring equity. Technologies associated with agroecology achieve several simultaneous goals such as rebuilding soil fertility, controlling pests and weeds, improving nutrient use efficiency, conserving water, reducing erosion, while diversifying production and diets.

G-STIC 2018 discussed and identified specific actions in the field of policy setting, economic and social areas to upscale the use of agro-ecological techniques – including 

  • key barriers to the deployment of agroecology technologies at scale;
  • enabling measures for the deployment of agroecology technologies at scale;
  • the need to support local and regional markets for diversified agro-ecological products as well as public procurement programmes;
  • the critical agents of change that need to be empowered.

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An overview of G-STIC 2018 contributions

High-level dialogue on policy actions

Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
Highlights of G-STIC 2017 Lim Li Ching download presentation
Keynote Address Olivier De Schutter download presentation
Introductory keynote Emile Frison download presentation
Upscaling Agroecology through participatory and collective innovation Mohammad Hossein Emadi download presentation

Case studies: successful implementation of agroecology technologies and innovations

Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
Highlights of the 2018 background paper Lim Li Ching download presentation
Keynote : Beacons of Hope - Harnessing Lessons for Transitions to Sustainable Food Systems Barbara Gemmill-Herren download presentation
‘Push-pull’ technology platform for integrated pest management Charles Midega download presentation
Agroecological principles and their impact on agricultural production in the tropics: El Hatico Nature Reserve, El Cerrito, Valle del Cauca, Colombia Juan José Molina Echeverry download presentation
The Andhra Pradesh experience: State level transition and impacts with a focus on the role of agroecology technologies and innovations Vijay Kumar Thallam download presentation

Spreading and increasing the uptake of agroecology technologies and innovations

Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
Biodegradable plastics for organic farming Sara Guerrini download presentation
Smart weeding Lauwrens Struik download presentation
Remote monitoring of grazing cows: opportunities for organic and extensive dairy production Laurence Claeys download presentation
Participatory plant breeding for agroecology in China Yiching Song download presentation
Achieving SDGs through farmer-led agroecology technologies and innovations Cris Panerio download presentation

Agroecology as an integrated technological solution for sustainable development

Title Speaker Presentation Soundcloud
Agroecology: An intergrative approach to the health of soils, food and people Paulo Petersen download presentation
Agroecology technologies and climate change resilience Hazel Tanchuling download presentation
Policies supporting agroecology : Examples of contribution to the SDGs Gabor Figeczky download presentation
Panel discussion: Pathways for transformational change in agriculture through agroecology Carolina Rizzi Starr

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