G-STIC 2018 Co-host Statement


Co-host Statement

Major messages emerging from G-STIC 2018

To help shape the transformative technological transitions that are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable development path, five independent and non-profit technological research institutes – the co-hosts of G-STIC – have teamed up to organise the Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conference series (G-STIC).

By communicating G-STIC key findings and messages to decision makers at local, national and international level and to industry and business leaders, it is the co-hosts' ambition to enrich the knowledge base to help set up the institutional, regulatory, policy, social awareness, and business frameworks that are favourable for realising a new sustainable development paradigm and achieving the SDGs. At the same time, the co-hosts also hope that G-STIC can contribute to deepening citizen’s engagement, especially from the youth, and help harness the power of a myriad of organisations and individuals across the world to shape our future through directed and mindful technological innovation.

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