TP Organics - 4th Organic Innovation Days

Partner Event: TP Organics - 4th Organic Innovation Days - Nov 27

The 4th edition of the Organic Innovation Days, TP Organics’ annual event, will take place on 27-29 November 2018 in Brussels, in conjunction with the G-STIC 2018 conference (28-30 November). The first day of the Organic Innovation Days (27 November) takes place at Science14 (14b Rue de la Science, 1040 Brussels). The second and third day of the Organic Innovation Days (28-29 November) are integrated in the G-STIC programme, and take place at Tour & Taxis.

TP Organics is the European Technology Platform for organic food and farming. It unites companies, farmers, consumers, civil society organisations and researchers active in the organic value chain from production, input & supply, to food processing, marketing and consumption in Europe. The mission of TP Organics is to strengthen research & innovation for organics and other agroecological approaches that contribute to sustainable food and farming systems. 

Each year, the Organic Innovation Days gather actors from the organic and conventional food and farming sector as well as policy makers to discuss the latest innovations in organic food and farming, explore innovations outside the organic sector, and discuss EU research and innovation policy. 
This first day of Organic Innovation Days will focus on Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2021-2027. The policy debate will shine light on the political priorities for Horizon Europe, in particular on how the Framework Programme can strengthen research for organic farming and agroecology. In the afternoon, the process for a new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Organic Food and Farming will take-off. In three workshops, participants will be asked what priorities and research needs should be addressed by Horizon Europe. Before going into workshops, participants will be inspired by two speeches, one about the zero-pesticide initiative of INRA, and another one about ensuring and improving fairness in the food and farming sector.

4th Organic Innovation Days

The detailed programme is available on the website of TP Organics.

Partner Event: TP Organics – 4th Organic Innovation Days - Nov 28

Chair person: Eduardo Cuoco

Innovating for Organic, Innovating for Agroecology

Award Ceremony – Call for Innovations
Presentation of the winner

Session 1 – High-level dialogue on policy actions based on the G-STIC 2017 outcomes

Agroecology is a sustainable integrated solution that is environmentally sound, socially acceptable and economically feasible. This high-level session will discuss the policy actions that are needed to upscale the use of agroecology technologies, innovations and practices in different regions of the world based on the findings and recommendations of G-STIC 2017.

Session 2 – Case studies of successful implementation of agroecology technologies and innovations

Session 2 will explore the contributions of agroecology technologies and innovations to addressing sustainable development challenges via concrete case studies.

Session 3 – Implementing agroecology technologies and innovations at scale

Session 3 will focus on how agroecology technologies and innovations can be widely implemented, including the issue of scaling up and scaling out, addressing the challenges and learning from the successes. It will also focus on complementary technologies that can help wider uptake of agroecology and organic farming.

Session 4 – Agroecology as an integrated technological solution for sustainable development

Agroecological technologies and innovations that contribute both to SDG 2 and also to other SDGs will be highlighted. The hurdles and solutions for the implementation and upscaling of these technologies and innovations will also be discussed. If widely applied, supported and enabled, agroecology can help achieve sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.

Panel discussion: Pathways for transformational change in agriculture through agroecology

- European Coordination Via Campesina
- Eduardo Cuoco, Director, IFOAM EU Group

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