Exhibitor Pitches

Exhibitor Pitches
29 November 2018 15:15 - 16:00

Speakers' Corner:

- Solar Impulse Foundation: Benedicte O'Sullivan & Guillaume Wegria, Fyteko

Youth island:

- SDG 16 Working Group Advisory Council on Youth, Council of Europe (TBD), YSAFE - YATA (TBD): Safe Digital Spaces: Cybersecurity, Peace and Inclusion


- 15:25: Ye Ling, Director, National Forestry and Grassland Administration Engineering Research Center for Bamboo Winding Composites, Bamboo for green procurement
- 15:40: Charlie Du, Senior Vice President, Beijing TUS Clean Energy Technology Cp., Ltd, Bamboo for clean energy

Solar Impulse Foundation:

- 15:25: PODG Development
- 15:40: Serge de Gheldere, FutureProofed

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