FUTURING H2020 Project Outreach Event

Partner Event - FUTURING H2020 Project Outreach
Re-industrialisation of Europe in the Circular Economy

Chair person: Konstantinos Georgoulias

Within the context of the FUTURING Project Outreach Event at G-STIC 2018, a short introduction to the project will take place, summarizing the methodology followed and highlighting the importance of modernizing European Industry, within the context of circular economy. Circular economy represents the achievement of a great transition from a linear way of producing/consuming/wasting to a global circular optimization of the flows of products, services and sustainable employment, with several financial, societal and environmental benefits when implemented correctly. Effort should be given to facilitate the integration and maturity of technological solutions applied across different disciplines and sectors and to demonstrate how they can work in combination towards novel Circular Economy implementations. Aspects from a company’s point of view, related to Industry 4.0 and corporate responsibility, as well as additional circular economy implications for manufacturing companies, will be discussed during the session.

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Doris Schröcker, Head of the Strategy Unit for Industrial Technologies, European Commission

Doris Schröcker
FUTURING Project - Highlights and way forward

Konstantinos Georgoulias, FUTURING Project Coordinator, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems - University of Patras

Konstantinos Georgoulias

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