BARC 2018

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Bamboo & Rattan

Innovative green tools for sustainable development

Our world today faces a set of fundamental challenges. Poverty, climate change, unsustainable resource use and ecosystem degradation pose serious threats to human wellbeing and our environment. They also slow the pace of development. In a world where 800 million people live in poverty and 1.1 billion have no access to electricity, how can we bring about development and growth in an environmentally sustainable way?

Solving these problems requires new approaches, from people across very different sectors and between countries. It also involves ‘green tools’: innovative nature-based solutions which can help lift people out of poverty while protecting the environment, stimulating genuinely green growth.

BARC 2018

The world’s first international, policy-focused conference on how green tools can benefit sustainable development

Last year, GSTIC 2017 focused on one of these green tools – bamboo – as a strategic plant which can contribute to sustainable development and green innovation. To read the related conference contributions and provide your feedback, visit the G-STIC 2017 website.

 “[The bamboo industry] looks about to shoot up”
The Economist, 2018

This year, INBAR and China’s State Forestry Administration are hosting the world’s first international, policy-focused conference on how these green tools can benefit sustainable development. The theme is ‘Enhancing South-South Cooperation for Green Development through Bamboo and Rattan's Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals’. We are welcoming everyone to be part of this discussion about nature-based solutions to sustainability problems – from senior policy makers and sustainability experts, to the private sector and investment representatives. 

Participants can expect three days of vibrant discussion by leading lights from sustainability and green growth, at our conference centre in Beijing, China. They can also see development in action, by taking tours to the heartlands of global bamboo industry. With a bamboo industry which employs almost 10 million people, and creates some of the most innovative bamboo technologies in the world, China is the perfect venue for us to come together and discuss green solutions for sustainable development.

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