Conference programme


During the first day of the conference, G-STIC 2018 will take the G-STIC 2017 policy findings forward through plenary sessions. These plenary sessions will summarize the findings of the thematic GSTIC 2017 sessions and will further sharpen them, through high-level keynote addresses and through discussions with the audience. This will deliver realistic suggestions for policy actions needed to upscale the use of sustainable integrated solutions that are socially acceptable and economically feasible in different regions of the world.

Special attention will be paid to cross-thematic technological solutions, that do not solve one problem or apply to one discipline but cut across industrial sectors and address several sustainable development challenges at the same time. The day will be concluded with a ministerial policy dialogue during which ministers from different regions will reflect on the policy suggestions formulated during the preparatory process and the discussions during the first conference day. They will also identify critical policy levers that can bring the integrated technological solutions to market in their countries. The summary of the G-STIC 2017 policy findings and the conclusions of the ministerial dialogue will be the basis for the discussions in the parallel sessions on the second conference day.

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G-STIC 2018 Programme - Day 1


The second day of G-STIC 2018 will open with an high-level plenary session on critical elements to facilitate the deployment of integrated technological solutions that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. Next, parallel thematic sessions will zoom in on integrated technological solutions in new thematic areas (EducationGeospatial Data and Health) and will further develop concrete technological solutions in the fields of Circular Economy and Energy Positive Communities. Other parallel sessions will discuss hurdles and solutions to bring to market the integrated technological solutions discussed in the 2017 thematic sessions Value of water and Agroecology. All sessions will pay special attention to indicating how the integrated technological solutions can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs if applied widely. The day will end with a high-level panel on possible macro-economic models for the implementation of a circular economy.

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G-STIC 2018 Programme Day 2


The third and final day of G-STIC 2018 will start with an expert discussion between the hosts of existing technological databases/platforms/matchmaking mechanisms, and will reflect on the contribution of these databases to the implementation of the SDGs.

During a series of interactive plenary sessions, G-STIC 2018 will then address

  1. the findings of the thematic sessions of the previous conference day, and how they relate to the policy actions suggested during the first conference day,
  2. the findings of the cross-cutting themes (ICT, Climate Change, Urban Development and Tech for Development) that will be addressed through selected presentations during the various thematic sessions of the second conference day.

A multi-stakeholder panel will then provide its perspective and reflections related to Youth and Gender Mainstreaming on the findings emerging from the thematic sessions and the plenary sessions, as well as from the discussions on the cross-cutting themes.

The meeting will end with a brief presentation of the chair summary and steps forward.

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G-STIC 2018 Programme Day 3

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