Wastewater & Resource recovery at G-STIC

The G-stic 2018 water theme focuses on wastewater and resource recovery. This means recovering water, energy and nutrients from wastewater. That is not only an environmental and social theme, but it also helps to establish a circular economy. 

Last year, in 2017, participants G-STIC presented and discussed new technologies and new approaches for dealing with wastewater, overcoming the health and environmental threat and turning it into a new opportunity. This year at G-STIC, we will be further discussing the leading edge of technologies and specially their application. Also the need for new business models and investments, in furthering the application of these technologies in different economies around the world, will be discussed.

We see that the involvement of the private sector in taking up technologies and working together with governments, to implement them both in urban and industrial settings, is critical. 

We will also discuss new forms of partnerships that are emerging: public-private partnerships are needed to dictate technologies and also adapt technologies to new circumstances. The goal of G-STIC is also to form recommendations for policy and decision makers: how they can contribute to furthering the acceleration of wastewater treatment and resource recovery. 

All these elements together will ultimately contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals related to water.


Article by: 

Ger Bergkamp

Ger Bergkamp: Ger Bergkamp is the President and CEO of ARCOWA, an advisory company focusing on strategic investments to address water scarcity, resource recovery from waste water and using green infrastructure for water security. Previously, he was Executive Director of the International Water Association, Director General of the World Water Council and Head of the Water Programme at IUCN – The International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Posted By Dietrich Van der Weken on 08 October 2018