Verifiable Sustainability Goals: From Good Intentions to Real Impact


Companies are increasingly acknowledging their societal responsibilities. This leads to a growing attention to environmental and social impacts of products and services. Non-financial reporting has become more mature and mainstream over the past years. Yet, it is still facing some challenges related to reliability, clarity and comparability of information.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are increasingly being used a framework to define sustainability policies and structure reporting. The SDGs have been heavily promoted during the past years. The SDGs have the potential to provide a framework to help transition from a focus purely on the outputs of a business to one in which the end outcomes and their impacts become fully considered. Yet, some challenges remain related to how to meaningfully measure progress against the SDGs.



Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser (SA), Chair in Sustainable Transformation, Professor of Integrated Value, Academic Director of the Sustainable Transformation Lab
Antwerp Management School


Céline De Waele (B), Senior manager Climate Change and Sustainability services

Pieter Van den Steen (B), Project & Product Manager Sustainable Built Environment / Smart Cities

Dr. Anbumozhi Venkatachalam (ID), Senior Economist
Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

Hannah Helmke (D), Managing Director
right. based on science

Geert Verachtert (B), Director Strategy and Business Development
Van Roey nv

Bruno Van Parys (B), Corporate Sustainability Sr Officer – Sustainable Portfolio Management
Solvay Sustainable Development & Energy


After introducing which specific perspective, methodology or way of organizing they bring to the table, panelist will reflect on three leading questions:

  1. How can the SDGs be translated into useful KPIs for companies to report on? And is there any evidence of best practices already?
  2. How can we ensure systemic reporting (rather than “cherry-picking”) of the SDGs, i.e. recognizing interconnectedness, and planetary and societal boundaries?
  3. How can we made corporate SDG reporting relevant and effective for supply chain sustainability?


Posted By Dietrich Van der Weken on 21 November 2018