Jan De Groof on Education at G-STIC

Transcription of the video:

I am Jan De Groof, I am a professor of education law and education policy at universities in Europe and beyond.
Next decades will cope with the following urging question: How can education contribute the the innovative society?
Strengthen the innovative capacity of students and pupils, teachers and of each citizen. And at the same time, how can education benefit from the innovative industry? Improving efficiency and effectiveness, quality and access.

Come and join us at the next G-STIC, where a new thematic cluster on education will be launched. 
SDG4: the right to inclusive, quality education for all and lifelong learning should also be considered as the mother SDG. Enabling the implementation of most other sustainable development goals. At the conference you will meet world experts on education and sustainability through/in education. And also a new network will be launched, reflecting the best practises and solutions.

We hope to see you soon!


Posted By Dietrich Van der Weken on 25 October 2018